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Seed dressing adjuvant CAS NO.: 9003-1-4


This  is a product specially for seed dressing. The seed dressing adjuvant which makes the seed good dispersibility, stability, bright the color and also not effect the germination of the seed. This product does not contain pesticide elements, can be used separately, and also can used together with pesticide. The color is red, yellow, blue, green, purple and so on, and can also be customized. Noted: The product may be slightly stratified under normal storage condition. Shake it then use, won`t affect the use of products and product stability.

Product Features:

  1. Environment friendly.
  2. Recommend application:1Kg TIS-363 can be mixed with 50-500kg seeds.
  3. How to use:Put the seed into the seed dressing machine, add the TIS-363 inside when the machine is mixing, mix evenly.


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