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Agricultural Seed dressing adjuvant  CAS 9003-1-4


This is a product specially for seed dressing. The seed dressing adjuvant which makes the seed good dispersibility, stability, bright the color and also not effect the germination of the seed. This product does not contain pesticide elements, can be used separately, and also can used together with pesticide. The color is red, yellow, blue, green, purple and so on, and can also be customized.


Enhances the seed

Dressing the seed with various liquids can help in increasing the nutritional levels in the seed. Increased nutritional levels offer greater resistance to diseases. Improved levels of nutrition also help in faster emergence. Seeds that are treated with fortifying agents show higher percentage of germination. This in turn helps the farmers to get uniformly dense plantations.


Increased resistance to diseases

Process of applying natural or chemical agent to the seed enhances its overall resistance to diseases. Diseased crops can spread the infection to other crops thereby affecting your overall yield.

Improved Vigour

Dressing experts can help you in coating the seeds with special formulas that will improve the vigour in the seeds. Improved seed vigour in turn would lead to quicker germination and faster emergence. Plants that emerge faster tend to be fuller and more productive as compared to their untreated counterparts.


Enhances the density of the plantation

Dressing a seed empowers it to combat against deadly seedling diseases and other infections. It also improves vigour in seeds. All these factors ultimately contribute to enhanced density of plantations. Denser plantations would mean fuller crops. In other words, farmers can get the benefit of maximum output if they treat their seeds before sowing.


Reduces the need of fertilizers and pesticides

Seeds that are coated with various formulas for preventing infections tend to require lower amount of pesticides, insecticides and herbicides. Such seeds also control the emergence of herbicide resisting weeds. All this helps the farmers in saving money and time spent on buying and spraying fertilizers, pesticides and insecticides.


Seed treatment ensures fortification of seeds with fertilizers and other formulas. This reduces the need of spraying toxic insecticides and pesticides after the plants grow. This also reduces the overall impact on the environment. It also reduces the toxic wastes that arise out of spraying herbicides and pesticides.


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