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Agricultural dispersing agent surfactant adjuvant Cas No.: 5124-85-2 


This is a universal EW SC polycarboxylate Dispersing Agent. It is composed of strong hydrophobic skeleton of the long chain and hydrophilic anionic groups formed by grafting copolymer structure with the characteristics of the polymer compounds. Effectively prevent the agglomeration and sedimentation between particles,reduce the viscosity, so that products can achieve stable and reliable suspension performance,With good compatibility, heat storage and good liquidity, inhibition of leaf water evaporation, improve the penetration of active. ingredients. Can be widely used in high and low levels of EW and SC formulations, with a good viscosity reduction, stability characteristics.

Product Features:

(1). Safety and environmental protection, no pollution to the environment.

(2). When released into the soil and water,will naturally degrade or be biodegradable, non-toxic to aquatic organisms, will not accumulate in the plant body.

(3). Good versatility, widely used in a variety of EW and SC formulations, with good anti-hard water, viscosity reduction, stable performance.

(4). High dispersing efficiency, good dispersing effect to difficultly dispersing imidacloprid, pymetrozine.

(5).Usage: Add into pesticide formulations, dosage is 1-6%.

(6). Matters need attention:

It is high polymer product, the product viscosity

will be affected by temperature, The higher the temperature, the lower the

viscosity, otherwise the higher.

Stored in strict accordance with storage requirements. Can`t put in high

temperature exposure or extreme cold weather.


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