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Agricultural Adjuvants Polyther Modified PolysilixoneCAS  67674-67-3


Organosilicone Surfactant is a super-spreading surfactant based on a Polyther Modified Polysilixone. Agriculture adjuvants Thislowers the surface tension of spray solutions, and leading to an increase in spray coverage. Additionally, Silicone Adjuvant Thispromotes rapid uptake of agrochemicals into plants via stomatal infiltration. Spray solutions taken into plants in this way become rain fast.

Product Fetures:

* It is 100% organosilicone adjuvant

* It is a super -wetter and spreader

* Promotes spray volume reduction

* Increase Rainfastness

*. Increase the uptake speed of the pesticides into the leaf

*. Improve the crop penetrating

*. Enhance efficiency of agrochemical fluid

* Save cost

* Conform to long-term environmental protection standard


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